We all have that room that just doesn’t feel right.  It’s cluttered, mismatched and dysfunctional. Maybe it’s filled with hand me downs.  Maybe you decorated it before you had kids. Maybe your kids have grown up and you want a more sophisticated space for yourself.  Maybe you are just a super busy professional and lack the time and motivation to tackle it. This is a good time to consider Interior Redesign.  

Let’s look at this room together, collaboratively, and restyle it.  A redesign project might simply involve a few hours of rearranging furniture, editing outdated pieces and injecting love with some fresh items such as pillows and accessories.  Redesign is a great option when you already have some furniture and you want a fresh perspective. We can also do some shopping and styling for you. Each project is different.

A typical Interior Redesign engagement will cost about $500, plus repayment for items purchased.  This cost includes a curated Mood Board, collaboration with your personal design stylist, shopping and travel time, and in- home styling.  

Staging to Sell, or Settling In?
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